The Snow Princess

All of the following cast members
play both 2 versions of this princess:

Hailey, Riley, Christine, Katie, & Ashley

Not all cast members are pictured in each version as some photoshoots are still scheduled in near future. Feel free to request any cast member in any version when submitting your reservation request. Upgrades are done constantly as our company evolves to provide the highest quality possible for our clients thus you may have slight higher quality wig, accessory, or outfit alterations to these pictured versions at your event. Upgrades are indicated below the pictures which have them. All upgraded versions will be what is provided at your event.
Click the picture to see the cast member's vocal talent!

Traveling Adventure Outfit

Cast Member Hailey
*upgraded outfit and wig

Cast Member Riley
*upgraded outfit

Cast Member Katie

Coronation Gown

Cast Member Ashley

Cast Member Hailey

Cast Member Katie