All of our policies are intstilled to ensure you receive the highest level of entertainment along with maintaining safety for our cast members while attending your event. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with our company policies. Client satisfaction is our #1 priority. With many years of experience in the character entertainment business, these policies have been created to ensure all clients are satisfied with our company!

First Come, First Serve Policy:
We take Reservation Requests on a first come, first serve basis. Once you submitted your request, you will be contacted at the phone number you provide in the order your request was received. If you do not answer our contact phone call, you may lose some availability options if other clients answer their phone/call us back before you. It is very important for you to be prompt in your communication with us so you can have the most optimal availability our company has for your request. Our returning clients know the quality we offer so they submit their reservation requests far in advance from their event date! Voicemails and text messages and emails re also returned in the order they were received. Please leave a voicemail for our company does not return missed calls without ​voicemails.
Nonrefundable Deposit Policy:
Deposit is required to reserve day, time, package, service, character, and pricing. No holds are available. Once paid over the phone with our company representative via Debit/Credit card, the deposit is nonrefundable. Deposits are only refunded when you have upheld all policies but our company must cancel the event with you due to unforseen, critical circumstances which deems our company is unable to provide the character/service on the agreed upon date and time as stated on your deposit receipt. Deposit breakdowns are as follows:
Deposit per character = $40 (nonrefundable)
Deposit per assistant = $10 (nonrefundable)
Deposit per add on = $10-$30 (nonrefundable)
Deposit for travel fee (if applicable) = $10 (nonrefundable)
Deposit for professional facepainter = $10 (nonrefundable)
Deposit for professional balloon artist = $20 (nonrefundable)
Deposit for professional photographer = $20 (nonrefundable)
Deposit for backdrop and stand rental = $40 (refundable if no damages occur)
*These deposit amounts are subject to change at any time prior to submission of deposit payment. You will be made aware if any changes are made. Once your deposit is paid, you will receive a receipt for the deposit payment and also a contract for your event, both via email.
Assistant Policy:
It is company policy to ensure safety for our cast members by having an assistant added to any event. The assistant is included in your package price is very convenient for you because they 1.) help maintain fluency of activities booked, 2.) aid in safety of the character to children ratio, 3.) allows the character to stay "in character" at all times to keep the magic alive for all of the children, and 4.) acts as "the middle man" between you and the character so you are able to communicate with the character without interrupting the magic. If you have 30 or more children attending, your event will require two assistants which requires an additional fee. We will only go with the amount of children you submitted on the reservation form when assigning assistant fees. You cannot reduce the amount of children once you submit your form, you can only request an increase the amount of children. 
Travel Policy:
Travel compensation is necessary for events 20 miles or more from business base in San Bernardino, CA 92407. Please accurately choose your travel distance when submitting your Reservation Form. If you do not, we will correct the travel fee to the appropiate distance. Travel fee's are based on full trip to location in regards to costs, length of travel time, and distance. This fee is purely to pay our cast members for gas and time to and from your event. Also, events more than 20 miles from business base have a 1 hour package reservation time minimum. 
Package Policy:
Listings are set and no alterations will be made, however, you may Add On activities only from our Add On list provided if you would like to extend your timeframe and have more activites. We do many events per weekend thus making it impossible to remember alterations to the packages. Thank you for your understanding. If you have particluar requests, you can always indicate those requests on the "Additional Comments" section when you submit your Reservation Request and we will do our best to accomodate you.
Pricing Policy:
Princing and activities are subject to change at any time without notice. Pricing, package, add on, character, date, and time are only set once the deposit paytment is paid. If you submit your reservation request and do not pay your deposit to secure your event with us upon our first attempt to contact you, you risk the pricing and activities to be changed during that timeframe. Upon paying your deposit, the company will charge whatever pricing is currently posted on our website and will not "back date" pricing. 

Cast Member Assignment Policy: We holds all cast member preferences the Client requests to the utmost importance and will assign said cast member(s) to Client’s event if availability allows. We will not issue a refund of deposit if cast member preferred is or becomes unavailable. If the cast member is changed, it will be changed to an accurately displayed cast member of Princess Pro Impersonator. All of Princess Pro Impersonator cast members are equal in performance quality and provide high quality entertainment.
Confirmation Phone Call Policy: Client will receive a confirmation phone call 1-3 days before the event day. Client does not receive this phone call by 8:30pm the night before the client’s event, Client is to call (626) 347-4299 immediately! If we are unable to reach Client to confirm event by 10:00PM the night before reserved date of event, we will cancel event and no refund with be rendered.
Arrival Policy: We will be in contact with Client via text message while in route to event address to give an ETA. We have multiple events in one day thus may arrive 20 minutes early or 20 minutes after event time of arrival. This is due to unforeseeable situations (i.e. traffic) during our travels. Although punctuality is one of Princess Pro Impersonator’s strong points and it is extremely rare for cast members to arrive after contracted time of arrival, we kindly ask for the client’s understanding if our cast members arrive up to 20 minutes after agreed time. Client will still get full event timeframe despite our arrival time. We will park a small distance away from event to not be seen by any guests during the contract/money exchange. Upon our arrival, the Client will be notified and then Client is given a 5-minute window to meet cast members at their vehicle. No one else may represent the Client as this will cause communication errors. After the 5-minute window, the timeframe for Client’s event will start regardless to maintain prompt scheduling for future events in the day thus, depending on how much time is lost, some activities will be limited. Client agrees to sign this contract and submit the remaining balance upon meeting at the cast member’s vehicle.
Contract Submission Policy: The contract sent to your email is to be signed and submitted by Client named on the contract. Contract can be emailed in a PDF format or signed upon meeting at the cast member’s vehicle. We will bring a copy to be signed, if needed. No picture or electronic signed versions of this contract will be accepted. No one else may represent the Client as this will cause communication errors.
Remaining Balance Payment Policy: Client named on this contract agrees to pay remaining balance in full to the cast members prior to servicing Client’s event. Client is to have remaining balance payment in the form of CASH in an envelope at the time of meeting at the cast member’s vehicle. We do not carry change on hand.
Outdoor Event Policy: We recommend all Clients to have an alternate indoor event location in case of unforeseen weather/terrain conditions. Events which do not provide an indoor setting for scheduled rainy days or scorching hot days that are above 95℉ according to the local forecast are subject to a reschedule. Events where unexpected rain or drizzle occurs or temperatures colder than 55°F will induce Client’s need to provide an indoor setting for the cast members to continue event. Client agrees to provide shade for the cast member during  activities listed if event is indeed outdoor. Client agrees to place cast members in a dry area where there is no dirt, dead grass, ground stickers, or mud. Client agrees to place our cast members on a dry area of concrete and/or well-kept, non-stickered, tamed, green grass. If Client is unable to provide the previously stated accommodations in accordance with our Outdoor Event Policy and cannot provide an alternate indoor location, our cast members will need to cancel event with Client and no refund will be issued.
Supervision Policy: During the timeframe reserved with our cast members, all children, persons, and things at the event must be supervised by Client at all times to ensure that our cast members are treated respectfully, children and adults are well-mannered, and no damages are inflicted upon Princess Pro Impersonator's property. Client agrees to be present during the entire timeframe with our cast members to step in to maintain well-mannered children and respectful adults.
Photography and Videography Policy: Client agrees to allow cast members to take pictures and video of Client’s event and all persons thereof during booked timeframe for advertisement, profit, and nonprofit use.
One Warning Policy: If children are not supervised, any of our cast members are treated disrespectfully by any person, Princess Pro Impersonator's property is at risk of damages, or our cast members feels like their mental, physical, or emotional health is in jeopardy at any point of the reservation process and/or during event, client will receive one verbal warning notice. If not eradicated, our cast members reserve the right to cancel/leave the event and no refund will be rendered.
Covenant Not to Sue: Client, who has cause of action(s) upon date of event with Princess Pro Impersonator and all persons within and representing Princess Pro Impersonator thereof, agrees not to sue Princess Pro Impersonator and all persons within and representing Princess Pro Impersonator thereof who may be liable to such action(s) under any circumstance if Princess Pro Impersonator upholds the contract and policy agreement.
Damages Policy: Client agrees to keep all Client animals a secure location away from our cast members. Children are to be kept clean and free of any food/drink on face, hands, and body while interacting with character. Damages are assessed based upon our cast member’s discretion. If this agreement is breached where the our cast members deem that damages occurred, Client is obligated to pay an additional $20.00-$100.00 damage fee per damaged item before event can continue. Damage fee amount assigned to Client is determined by our cast members and depends on item damaged. Money’s are to be put in an envelope for the damage amount and discretely handed to our cast member before the event will continue. If Client is unable to pay fees specified above which our cast members deem fit, our cast members reserve the right to leave event and no refund will be rendered.
Liability Policy: Our cast members are NOT liable for any injuries, harm, or allergic reactions to any person(s) incurred during the event. Client assumes all responsibilities of health of any and all person(s) attending the event and/or participating in activities with our cast members. Client agrees it is their responsibility to report in writing of any physiological conditions of any persons at event and also to report in writing if any persons have any allergic reactions which may occur with interacting with our cast members and Princess Pro Impersonator's property. Client waives the right to sue Princess Pro Impersonator and all persons within and representing Princess Pro Impersonator thereof for any injuries, harm, or allergic reactions to any person(s) incurred during the event. Client preserves all responsibility in any lawsuit pursued by any person(s) attending Client’s event who incur injuries, harm, or allergic reactions.
Reschedule/Change Request Policy: Any reschedule or change requested by Client in regards to timeframe, location, amount of children attending (if amount of children affects the service reserved), and/or date of event after nonrefundable deposit is paid will be issued a $15 reprocessing fee to be rescheduled or changed. If Princess Pro Impersonator can accommodate the reschedule/change request, the deposit paid for characters/service can be transferred and still be credited to the total. Change of date requests must be done no less than 24 hours prior to original event date, otherwise deposit will be forfeited to Princess Pro Impersonator and a new deposit will be needed for a future date.  If the change is to eliminate a character/service, deposit paid by Client for the requested eliminated character/service will not be credited towards remaining balance to event and the cancelled service/character deposit will be forfeited to Princess Pro Impersonator.  If Princess Pro Impersonator is unable to provide a reschedule and/or Client cancels event due to any reason, nonrefundable deposit will not be refunded.
No Refund Policy: Client agrees fully to the understanding that all payments to Princess Pro Impersonator are nonrefundable if Princess Pro Impersonator upholds this contract and policy agreement and all thereof.

Cancellation Policy: Princess Pro Impersonator and all persons within and representing Princess Pro Impersonator thereof may cancel the event at ANY time if contract has been breached by Client with no refund rendered for Client.
Your understanding is very much appreciated by us. We strive to be the top performance company in Southern California and the only way to do so is for our policies to be upheld to the most importance.
If you need immediate assistance, you may contact us at (626) 347-4299 or email us at PrincessProImpersonator@gmail.com
We look forward to servicing your event with high quality entertainment!
We hope you have a magical day!